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Good Academic Practice

Help and advice on learning good academic practice for University


This guide brings together information and resources for Anglia Ruskin University students, to help you develop good practice in your academic work, and to avoid the risk of committing academic offences. 

Our Academic Honesty Policy states that:

'To be honest in your work you must acknowledge the ideas and work of others you use, and you must not try to get an advantage over others by being dishonest. . . . You can show good practice when you do your work independently, honestly and in a proper academic style, using good referencing and acknowledging all of your sources. ' (Anglia Ruskin University, Academic Honesty Policy, 2014). 

Students at Anglia Ruskin University also agree to abide by mutually agreed standards outlined in the Student Charter.

Anglia Ruskin University takes a formative approach to the development of good academic skills which will help students avoid assessment offences such as plagiarism.  There are University Library resources on information and referencing skills, and study support help available. Statements on our expectations regarding academic honesty are included in module guides and student handbooks.

The self-directed learning activities in this course are designed to help you with each aspect of our approach and to enable you to use the resources we have provided to support you. Use the green tabs along the top to access the different sections.

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